Chiang Mai Activities for Seniors – Ban Sabai Village Care Resort

At Ban Sabai Village Senior Residence we want you to make the most of every day during your stay. We therefore organize a wide range of activities for seniors. Physical therapy and occupational therapy are included. There is plenty to see and do. Chiang Mai activities include sightseeing trips, elephant experiences and guided tours.

Tours and Trips

Many guests will enjoy our tours and trips. As long as you are able to manage it there are so many exciting and interesting places to visit and things to do in and around Chiang Mai. Visit the old city with its golden temples. Wander around colorful markets and craft workshops. Experience sensational mountain views and diverse and wonderful nature. It can be fun to visit the elephant camps and sanctuaries. Many of these outings require only limited mobility. Most of these Chiang Mai activities are arranged on a half day basis.

However there is even more to see and do if you venture further afield. On full day trips you can head north to the White temple of Chiang Rai, Travel up to the Golden Triangle or visit the wetlands and lake at Phayao or the beautiful scenery at Chiang Dao. Travel south and you find Doi Inthernon, the highest mountain in Thailand and the southernmost mountain of the Himalayan mountain range.

Group Classes for Seniors

You can gain a lot from our healthy spa treatments during your stay at Ban Sabai. However we also offer group classes. They are designed to keep you fit and flexible. This is so important as we get older and our bodies slow down. By the way they are also great fun.

Classes include Thi Chi, Chi Gung, Yoga, Pilates, Water gymnastics and meditation. All classes are run with elderly bodies in mind. Don’t worry, we always go at a steady pace with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment?

Other Activities for Seniors

We arrange various other forms of entertainment during your stay. These include movie and games evenings. Try your hand at Thai cooking or have a go at various handicrafts. We are constantly adding new activities and events.

So you can see that there is always plenty going on at Ban Sabai Village Senior Residence. Some people prefer to keep their own company but there is always a vibrant community life here. If our guests have any ideas for new activities we always do our best to arrange them.

“Ban Sabai – Where you can feel at home.
A place where you can enjoy to be a senior”

  • Half Day and Full Day Trips & Tours

    • Temples
    • Markets
    • Handy Crafts
    • Sightseeing
    • Nature
    • Culture
    • Local Events
    • Elephants
  • Group Classes

    • Thi Chi
    • Chi Gung
    • Yoga
    • Pilates
    • Water Gymnastics
    • Meditation
  • Spa Treatments

    • Various Massages
    • Steam Baths
    • Aromatherapy
    • Hot Stone Therapy
    • Body Scrub
    • Manicure / Pedicure
  • Movie Evenings

  • Games Sessions

  • Events

    • Thai Cooking
    • Handicrafts
    • Special Events

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