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Even when you live in your home country there are administrative details to take care of. When you live as an expat there are other forms to fill. Thailand is no exception. There are many forms to fill and requirements to fulfill. ‘Ban Sabai Village Senior Residence‘ offers the best in Chiang Mai assisted living and include taking care of the necessary admin. We also help with all the day to day matters such as travel and getting to and from appointments.

Thailand Immigration

In order to settle in Chiang Mai we have to comply with the Thai immigration requirements. It might sometimes seem too much to manage. That is where we come in. We are happy to help with all aspects of getting here and living here. We are expats and have lived here for many years and therefore already understand most of what is required. For specialist services we also know exactly where to go to for the best advice. In short we are here to help with all aspects of administration.

All you will need to do is answer our questions and go through our checklists and we can take care of the rest. Along with our nursing and care bundles we are determined to offer the best in Chiang Mai assisted living.

On top of government requirements we can also help with day to day necessities. What to do about banking? How to arrange a dentist appointment? How to arrange pension funds and money transfers. Don’t worry – we are here to help with all these things.

Our wish is to make your stay here as trouble free as possible. We want you to make the most of every day that you are here.


We can also advise about travel. We are used to arranging flights to Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai International Airport is well connected. There are direct flights from several places around the world as well as regular flights throughout the day to and from Bangkok.

You will also need transport to and around the city. We can arrange that as well.

  • Visa & Immigration

    • Extend 30 day visa
    • Change visa to non immigrant “O”
    • Non immigrant visa for retirees (1 year)
    • 90 day reporting
  • Communications with embassies

  • Handling insurance issues

  • Funds transfer assistance

  • Pension fund advice & assistance

  • Medical Assistance

    • Visits to hospitals
    • Dental visits
    • Visits to other clinics

For more information visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Chiang Mai assisted living - Visa and immigration service
Banking and insurance services
Chiang Mai assisted living - Help with clinic and surgery appointments
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