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At ‘Ban Sabai Village Senior Residences’, Chiang Mai we understand that every person is an individual, with individual needs. We therefore offer a wide range of care services. Our Chiang Mai nursing home packages offer great flexibility of accommodation, care and support. We can easily adapt to your changing needs. This can be a big advantage if you need to upgrade or downgrade the levels of nursing, care and support required.

Basic Care

Some people arriving at Ban Sabai Senior Residences require very little physical assistance. They are glad to have other essential issues taken care of for them but can manage most of their daily lives.

Intensive Care

On the other hand some people need a Chiang Mai nursing home that delivers much more care in order that they can live full and fulfilling lives. This is where our various other care packages come in. One of the great strengths of Ban Sabai is our flexibility. Everything is provided in the same place. This means that you could stay with us and change your accommodation and support packages as and when necessary.

Please note that we have dedicated specialist services for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Rehab & Recuperation

Have you recently had an illness or an operation? Perhaps you are recovering from a stroke. Ban Sabai is the prefect Chiang Mai nursing home for rehab and recuperation. Maybe you will benefit from some of our group classes. Post-Operative Exercises and physical therapy can really help with recovery. Please note that along with professional medical care we also offer an extensive range of spa treatments. Just having a relaxing and rejuvenating massage with essential oils or a steam bath can help as well.

We will work with you and your family to ensure that we arrange exactly the right level of care and support to suit you. Our aim is to make your lives as healthy, happy and fulfilling as possible.

  • Basic Care

    This would be for people that need just a little assistance during their daily routine. Maybe help with getting up in the morning and settling down at night.

  • Daytime Care

    Some people require further assistance during the day. These guests can manage most things on their own but are glad of a little help during the day with various tasks.

  • Intensive Care

    Some guests need almost constant care during the day. They require constant and dedicated assistance from waking to sleeping.

  • Full Care

    For some we provide dedicated 24 hour care. This is one to one supervision and care day and night.

Getting Old Without Worries

Care is such an important factor for senior people. They want to to get old without worries. They want to have people around to care for them and make their daily life easier and more enjoyable. Here at Ban Sabai Village Senior Residence we offer a care service on an individual basis and fully personalized. This means that you can gradually increase the level of care required depending on your needs. This ensures that you can enjoy your life quality at its best. No need to hesitate on getting help, and you will therefore get the most enjoyment every day.

We understand that it begins with just small things that make life difficult for you. We like that you can do as much as possible by your self, but when it becomes a burden we are here to make it more comfortable and easier for you.

Whilst you are our guest we continually monitor your situation in order to optimize the care that each individual requires. At the same time we support all the activities that you still can, and like to do.

Chiang Mai nursing home
Chiang Mai nursing home
Chiang Mai nursing home

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