Here in Thailand there are only private health insurances available for long stay guests. Most of these are provided by international companies.

As you would expect, as your age increases so do your preconditions for health insurance.  This makes arranging insurance more complicated. On top of that the premiums become high and there will be many exclusions.

Here is  our guideline and proposal for a senior health insurance for reference.

*Note: These details are based on a person 73 years of age. The details can be changed without notice. This is just a guideline to give an idea of coverage and costs

Maximum Limit/person/year200,000400,000600,000
Room and Board semi private or private per day (max 180 days)Normal private room full coverNormal private room full coverNormal private room full cover
Intensive care of other specialialitiesFull coverFull coverFull cover
Hospitalization expensesFull coverFull coverFull cover
SurgeryFull coverFull coverFull cover
AnesthesiologistFull coverFull coverFull cover
In-patient physician’s visitFull coverFull coverFull cover
Emergency outpatient day careFull coverFull coverFull cover
Emergency ground ambulanceFull coverFull coverFull cover
Home health care service30 days, max 2,00030 days, max 2,50030 days, max 2,500
Oncology in & out patientFull coverFull coverFull cover
Organ transplantationup to 80,000up to 100,000up to 100,000
MRI in case of inpatientFull coverFull coverFull cover
HIVFull coverFull coverFull cover
Kidney dialysisFull coverFull coverFull cover
Preexisting conditionsto be consideredto be consideredto be considered
Waiting period14 days14 days14 days
Second medical opinionFull coverFull coverFull cover
Psychiatry connected to accident or terrorismup to 1,200 per yearup to 1,500 per yearup to 1,500 per year
US $ 3,400 – THB 125,000US $ 3,670 – THB 135,000US $ 3,950 – THB 150,000